Willemien de Villiers – Art worker

Willemien de Villiers – Art worker.


One thought on “Willemien de Villiers – Art worker

  1. Willemmien,,,
    this morning I visited here for the first time and thought…. why didn’t I know about this wonderful blog?
    And then I went over to your website, that I had of course visited before… but read every page! I obviously only looked at your paintings before and must have been so amazed and excited that I never even thought to take anything else in. It happens like that sometimes… paintings can communicate so much … be such an intense experience that I don’t notice other things!
    So imagine my surprise today to revisit and find you’ve published books, short stories and such…and that there was so much else to discover. Now I want to come to SA and discover everything you are doing in person!
    Since we first connected online at Pinterest I realise Ive been massively taken up with deadlines and undertakings …now there is a week of timeout I am suddenly seeing other things the I hadn’t noticed when cramming the brain with work matters!
    This is the most wonderful example of revisiting something and re-immersing oneself in what wasn’t possible to take in first time round.
    I’m applauding and smiling at the wonder of it!

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