gathering stones

collection of stones in my dining room used as inspiration

I have taken a side road away from my usual routine to stich some stones for Jude Hill’s Magic Feather Project. She is an amazing person and artist and teacher from New York whom I found online – can’t remember how, but I’m glad I did. ( Who am I? – Spirit Cloth.)

She explains that it “… is a collective stitching project focused on creative sharing and giving. The magic feather has been my personal symbol for almost forever.  With the idea of making it a symbol of something bigger than just myself, I thought I would share it with you and you in turn might stitch one (at least) and send it to me so I might, in turn, sew a bunch together and put the larger cloth to some charitable use.”

Here are some examples of the feather  embroideries collected so far – Gathering feathers in November and December and then some – Spirit Cloth.

To balance the feathers, Jude now needs stone stitchings.

It feels good to be connected to so many anonymous and random people across the globe, united by a single purpose.

Back to my stones – happy creating!


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