in progress

More to follow soon, just wanted to share one sublime moment I recently experienced on the West Coast, near Darling. I wonder why it is so seductively easy to be mesmerised by an unfolding sunset – does the moment of transition from day to night offer an easy release?  A much-needed permission to switch off the thinking brain?

Never mind.

I was captured for almost an hour mind-and-all by this image on the evening of the 4th of October: the drama of the imposing (overly managerial?) clouds kept in check by the decisive line of Prussian Blue on the horizon.

happy creating and mooiloop!

2 thoughts on “in progress

  1. Stunning image Willlemien. That prussian blue line is certainly decisive!
    may your weekend be wonderfully productive… 3 paintings days left here so t’will be focused!

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