collective womb

Kate arrives at a compound of women and children, Bolivian in appearance. All the women have two long, thin plaits hanging over their shoulders. Some are wearing mannish hats, but most of them leave their heads bare.

If a woman’s hair is too short to plait, Kate is told, one gets to choose a ball of hair from a colourful woven basket; many women seem to have chosen the glittering grey ones. The balls of hair look and feel real. Kate immediately feels at home in this strange new place, but also wants to leave. The foreign-looking women all feel familiar to her. Although no-one talks to her, their eyes look relaxed and friendly.

Kate feels no fear, even though she was taken early this morning from her florist shop, while busy selecting flowers for a wedding that afternoon. The basket of lilies and baby’s breath and a purple flower whose name she always forgets fell to the floor as she was pulled outside. She now worries about them; about how they will wilt and die. About the bride’s disappointment.

Mariposa lilies have erect stems and grasslike or fleshy leaves that grow from bulb-like roots.

 HowStuffWorks “Lily”.

Just before she was taken, Kate had taken a few bites from the various tartlets the caterer had made for the wedding, and now feels nauseous. The women milling around her are separated from their children – it seems the compound operates as a large collective womb, with the many children the responsibility of everybody.

In the distance, Kate can see a forest, and a deep gully. Purple shadows swoop into its many crevasses. The sight of this other world, beyond the boundary of the compound, makes her afraid.

Rocky Ravine

Caspar David Friedrich – MELT. 

Yet Kate decides to leave, suddenly anxious to find out if she is a prisoner, or not. She starts to walk towards the gates, then turns around to fetch a ball of hair from the basket – she chooses a salt-and-pepper nest that resembles her own shoulder-length hair. The gate is locked, with spikes on top.

An elderly man approaches her and tells her that it is possible to leave, but that she must give him the reason for her decision.

Kate tells him that her daughter will miss her if she’s not home by nightfall. He nods and opens the gate. It is dark, and the walk is arduous, he warns. She assures him that she feels no fear, and that she is strong.

Palestinian elderly man watches the Israeli soldiers demolishing houses in Al’ezaryieh village near Jerusalem January 30, 2007. (MaanImages/Fadi Tanas)

Pro-Israel Censorship Hurts Us All | The Electronic Intifada.

Kate starts walking towards the forest, and the mountain range that lies like a sleeping dragon among the giant trees. One path is too dark for her to enter, another is paved with glass shards. The mountain turns out to be frozen lava; sometimes smooth and warm, sometimes cold and razor-sharp. Her feet are bleeding by the time she finally finds the road that seems to lead to the very top of the mountain where she aims to rest, and to find out where she is.

Five Sacred Mountains Huangshan, China

Online Travel News: January 2012.


Kate is hurrying along the main road in Kalk Bay, near the harbour, holding her daughter’s hand. A long plait slaps against her back. The weather is wild, with waves splashing onto the pavement. Someone next to them points to the distant horizon and says, “Look, over there …something big is coming!”

Mother Nature Struts Her Stuff at Cape of Storms | Afrizen.

Surf’s up!  | Mail Online.

The dark wall that seems to rise through the haze of fog has the appearance of rock, not water.

Kate scoops up her child and starts to run home as fast as she can. Home is high on a mountain, and she knows that they will be safe there.

The next morning they leave nervously through their garden gate and walk back to the main road, expecting to see scenes of destruction and devastation.

 The Sea of Ice by Caspar David Friederich

STIMULATED – Brett Ginsburg.

Friederich was a master landscape painter in the first quarter of the 1800s. His works serve as still, calm interpretations of the landscape. This work in particular carries an overwhelming sense of (Kantian) disinterestedness as it traverses the line between something static and dynamic. It merely exists.”

They walk all the way back to the harbour, stunned by the deep silence that surrounds them.  The sun is shining high in the sky.

An enormous massif has risen from the ocean during the night; a circular wall that encloses the bay completely, walling it off from the open sea.

Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the northeastern part of Vietnam in Quảng Ninh province. It is the country’s pride, and Vietnamese consider it the Eight Wonders of the world. Ha Long literally means descending dragons. The bay features thousands of karsts and isles.

Ha Long, Bay of the Descending Dragon | Travelet.

The rock is densely embellished with carved faces, like that of Mount Rushmore, except that every citizen of their land is represented. Turquoise water laps at the broad steps that surround the massive tidal pool formed by the newly-birthed mountains. Small groups of people have gathered to gaze in wonder.

Starting Down the Slippery Slope, 1999.

Scenes of Wonder and Curiosity – Ted Orland – Terra Galleria Artworks.

present tense doll

This rather disturbing image of a Japanese medical doll sans uterus and babies speaks to me on several levels. And how strange is it that the newborns are depicted as sculpted busts? – ready to leave the nest to take up their place in the world, or at least a mantlepiece, while the mother lies completely gutted and without defenses next to her discarded belly and pelvis.

The girlish position of her feet also makes me sad.

Whenever I approach the end of a cycle in my work, this is how I feel.

While working, I am inside a womb of my own making. The endless layering is an attempt to never give birth  – to myself? And yet, just as it is with a physical pregnancy, at some point the contractions come fast and furious and the baby is born.

The Birth, Willemien de Villiers

detail of Transparent Ovule, Willemien de Villiers

I have little over a week left to complete a series of works for an exhibition and resisting the pull of completion. It feels safe where I am now.

Soon, I will have no choice.

Time to sit still and breathe in and breathe out.

Happy creating!

shine like the afterglow on the part of the margin


After a week spent deciphering information on various Japanese websites, I became strangely attached to the slightly mad translations offered by google. The awkward phrasing and halting sentences produce a sweet and spicy poetry that inspired me to write three short narratives. 

the artist 

From a young age, she was charmed by the glass marbles black grandfather has been shown to be, because it was too beautiful. Surprised black marbles in child’s heart, he became a favourite. Discoveries and a variety of it, or were they various emotions? That in her, making things is that in looking at the events of everyday life, we are in good shape.

She has also considered a good thing, a bad thing as well, and would like to form her own way.

brad pearson on the importance of form | Daily Art Muse.


Her mother taught her to make fun of various things by hand.

Visiting The Middle East Arab culture VS media.


making fun things by hand

Mother was always filled with handmade things; food in the house, clothes, baskets, flowers and other beautiful things were sensitive to have to learn naturally from childhood. Unlike those of vivid colour, black racing series, but images of adult women that include a little nuance. She has some of the bewitching prettiness and will try to open the lid gently with intellectual curiosity.

If you put it in front of a mirror in a tiny room, lighting, for example, finely intricate lace pattern is a jewel box of a Lady.

Anatomical Venus | Wellcome Collection.

mother filled with handmade things

Jewelry box of a lady

From being attracted to the pattern representing the lineage and genealogy, like a Korean living in Japan, none other than the interest in the entity Din. Eye cannot help but be aware. Bringing eye Din Titty work is really hard, she had thought that as an artist, that the theme of their own, and the value of the work itself, and another thing. But when she thinks about why, and what is attracted to the pattern of the race or crest, she can never stand position that they do not reflect the work; you can work honestly, it and it such that nature, she was led thinking it was.

There is a work named With Margin. What is, and margins. There is a thing that when making a public application, the name has been listed in the margins of the document, she is a Korean living in Japan, or a margin born in this land; whereabouts? It will be led to think.

Out of chagrin, she has thought about margin. Holds things because there is a need for margins; margins, she thought she’d work on the glass, the beauty of the margin.

Shine like the afterglow on the part of the margin.

Margin, which has what is light, but a strong aesthetic sense of its own.

Strength and works, separate from her unshakable soul, ethnic pride is melted quietly, may be referred to as series and also the margin is said to work.

What the iPad Can’t Do by Sue Halpern | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books.

Nor the Kindle, for that matter: Shine like the afterglow on the part of the margin. 

Field is made ​​of glass, beautiful shine backed by high technology. The material does not cease to fascinate her.

She has still cherish, a small ball of glass that gave her childhood grandfather.

Cloudy never once was looking at it without getting tired, and feeling her heart dance.


An ad break for the vertically challenged: shoes appear taller, high.

 “Beauty is Power” by TheoRose – Chictopia.

1970s PLATFORM BOOTS Unworn! Amber Leather. 2.5″ heel, 1″ platform – Sazz Vintage Clothing.

To those who think, “Tall! Want to be a little high,” I want to show a little high.

“!” Like that, I’ll show you the best shoes.

I think I’m short, so I also, for those who, or that I thought many times have become complex, and hopefully, to even offer a little help.  I want to be tall naotaro. I’m back and I have wanted to be taller, and.

First, I am small, and become a model of the “Paris Collection”. Call if it is tall but, but I must not be high.  From now on … just smaller and I do so in order to try to use, at least they show high shoes: “show” high.

People feel the same, I’m glad it helps.

June 2010 | Maison Chaplin.

The Paris Collection


music star: An interview that should unlock the secrets 

Because there were quite a few that you do so, I was able to do in practice, the overall picture of the stage did not look right? suddenly. However, the song you want to mix were songs and in a state of high tension as Te said a while ago; in a moist feeling I have everyone talking. After that, then I can swing a guitar, to refrain from acoustic because I quit trying.

It is said in such a process of trial and error, minutes before the recording is lacking in a hurry about a week of production, to increase or even a song.

The Swinging Guitar of Tal Farlow – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

New to release in the short term of 10 months from the “école de romantisme” previous work, one thing that was opposed to the “popular song” thoroughly. It made album aims to conceive a sex appeal that’s now in the era of digital glory, such as fragrant dare, and the carpet. Welcome a variety of guest musicians, through melody that boldly challenge soul and funk, to jazz, he is trying to revive the now popular song of the brilliance of the Showa era.

The Japanese Postcard. / Aqua-Velvet.

The Shōwa period (昭和時代 Shōwa jidai?, literally “period of enlightened peace/harmony” is the period of Japanese history corresponding to the reign of the Shōwa Emperor,Hirohito, from December 25, 1926, through January 7, 1989.[1]

This work, including the age of camellia shop quartet, strongly reflected the taste of his own roots and most career history. The “whiff of popular song” of his music degree we have been told so far, how do really born? To make something that was completely different to the sound of mainstream now. It’s pretty analog, there is a feeling like doing the opposite of the times. In that sense: Maybe some people have the impression some people called old. After that, going darker, the density was more a sense of their own songs. This time not want to do halfway. Feeling or something rather than feeling “a little, but now also incorporates sound like pop songs”, and written about over there they will be sound, there is a feeling that was spun off.

Since going to have to study to some extent, such a code may have been issued through the consciousness. l like feeling like this, feeling that it is in or out, or it is out of this feeling. Why?, but I will not be analyzed in detail and only so much as image.

This is not a knowledge of the range that he knows, a song that is riding on it (minor seventh flat fifth), and Half Day Mi Furnish code, so called as one of the key points m7 ♭ 5.

Mode name Notes Intervals
Ionian C E G B d f a 1 3 5 7 9 11 13
Dorian D F A C e g b 1 -3 5 -7 9 11 13
Phrygian E G B D f a c 1 -3 5 -7 -9 11 -13
Lydian F A C E g b d 1 3 5 7 9 +11 13
Mixolydian G B D F a c e 1 3 5 -7 9 11 13
Aeolian A C E G b d f 1 -3 5 -7 9 11 -13
Locrian B D F A c e g 1 -3 -5 -7 -9 11 -13

Chord Naming

What song do you I think I’m not going on!

Wow, it is very likely.

That code, the code of melody m7 ♭ 5, semitone down from the normal scale. Place where there is a semitone down, or produce the K be stumped. It leads to the sex appeal of the song. Well, where he was poked sharp.

But he sometimes says thoughts like, “I like semitone.”

Well, I like the code too.

You really cannot put out their own colour.

But, do not use other people too.

LackLustre Approach to Music II.

the octaval circle of the Lu-Shi Chun-Qiu scale

The code was not awkward or even, but he was thinking that people also used to lower generation of ‘I Do not Have You’ not you come out, for those who have not listened to black music so much comparatively. To give the feeling like blues or jazz minor clearly they’re the perfect code. So, are often used in black music. Were you using from the time of the T shop quartet, I might myself because I like that around here.

It is the sound of jazz and black music is not it much. This is also part of the framework of such songs as melody and chord progression.

Live begins solo debut single; “the end of shite” today! Welcome okay!

Enjoyed it to the last minute to the final! Evening!

“During the tour, I have much,” he had said. “I want to do B, have gone up tray is B these two days very much. Today is the final of the final. Today raise the gold medal of P to everyone from me so !” he said, but it was not broken just responded with roar of the audience of the B.

 “Okay? Let us throb to the death,” he said, “I think as long as the beat of my heart is not ringing, and I want to continue my music.”

Generous applause was sent with tears and a smile.

Mike Marchev | Applause. The Much-Needed Missing Link.

Living big thing, but I always felt uneasy half that, half the fun, we did not have much anxiety. I had experienced at the Y also circular stage, “Summer Commotion Fool Summer Black Thigh.”

Hall first tour that began after that, because I shall have been around the country towards the S Dome; I wonder if I had gone up the cargo. Or consider the representation of each land, I was, or how to show to the audience a lot farther, that the experience learned from the tour stage. There is only a “stupid commotion” theme of all, I want to enjoy than worry anyway!

What if it was a strong feeling?

I think it’ll be easy but I, Oh.

Given calm down now, do not that annoying to me there homework, because not only consistent with the textbook basis, I’m not such a difficult thing. When I thought of the incumbent or “I wonder if there’s meaning to do this,” or “I wish troublesome,”.

“Oh, I should do it when you have such.” Pinch me when I graduated.

Child of the students had better do it right now you’re fine!

I mean you are defiant state.

Defiance: Beyond the Borderline Personality

present tense

It is so easy for one’s work to get lost in translation when distracted by the clamouring voices that demand a succinct ‘artist’s statement’ ; to distill one’s process to a final, definitive bon mot.

Whenever I try to write one of those, it reads something like the text below – my first email sent from my BlackBerry, written in Afrikaans and put through the wringer of an English spellchecker. (I unknowingly OK’d the wrong option throughout.)

So hammer on he hood mast boy day by ain’t hers tel is. Sit by Visa of OR Rambo en wag on he board. Opening was heeding, soviet oh friend Jason en Johannesburg we winter leeugraskleur opened onto en warder. Top spin van nostalgics intrigue. Hoop one man maker you he scene key. Lived dear, w

I especially love the way our dignified struggle icon, O.R. Tambo, became the renegade American fictional character,  O. R Rambo. And that ‘leeugraskleur‘ escaped unscathed: dried grass, the colour of a lion.

Oliver Tambo


March and April 2011.

Grass the colour of lion

 Happy creating, and don’t forget to shine like the afterglow on the part of the margin.

below the surface

And now P is telling her that Avena Sativa will definitely help her to get to sleep – says that she’s been “a little naughty lately”, drinking too much wine in the evenings, and also struggling to sleep. But Sarah knows that Avena Sativa is the Latin for plain old oats, staple food of horses the world over. And of course a damn good breakfast for humans too. Yet she doesn’t believe that a few drops of oats essence will cure her insomnia; even inside her dream, she feels skeptical.

Google Image Result for

As Sarah turns away from P, she notices her sisters digging borders around two municipal sidewalk trees – jacarandas. Purple blooms dot prettily around them.  Fleshy bulbs are pushed into wet, dark soil. She ignores them, and they ignore her.

Google Image Result for


Sarah walks fast, towards the sound of the thundering sea somewhere in the distance, and soon finds the familiar boardwalk of her dreams: a narrow coastal walk cut into the fynbos shrubbery agains the mountain behind her house; a fictional link between her village, and the next, and the next – all the way to the very end of the south-peninsular teat of Africa. In her dreams, Sarah knows this walk well, and is surprised to find something new – an ancient white-washed church built into a massive rockface she had never noticed before.

She climbs the narrow staircase to get to the entrance, and meets a man holding a clipboard. He mentions that she is welcome to help herself to the “eats and tea” his wife had prepared.  Excited, Sarah tries to phone her husband but only gets a voice message: a crass rendering of one of his latest commercials for Ariel washing powder. The man with the clipboard tells her that he hosts an historical meeting once a month, and was hoping that she would join. The numbers have been dwindling steadily, he says.


Google Image Result for

Sarah finds herself inside the mysterious, rotund church building. Three trestle tables form a triangle in the centre, and her latest work are spread out on top: several circular paintings, densely scribbled with imagery. “I’m trying to paint every single thing in the world,” she tells the historian, not quite believing it herself.

Leaving the building, she continues on the path, hoping to find the large abandoned house she often visits when walking here. It seems to have vanished: the beautiful red brick work, the delicate carvings above the front door, the smooth stone step that lifted one to the front door, the swirled green glass of the small windows in the side walls of the house, the collapsing vine slung over a rotting trellis – all gone. The fragrant wisteria, the cloying perfume of star jasmine – all gone.


F R E E D O N I A: June 2009.


Bewildered, Sarah swirls around in a full circle. Some form of light is emanating from where the house once stood, and she walks towards it. A long row of windows face her – not quite windows, more like the thick glass of an aquarium. They turn out to encase illuminated scenes from different kitchens; of servants entombed in resinous, amber light. Their movements are slow and measured; long-suffering, yet beautifully nostalgic. Their eyes gaze past Sarah’s, into a past or a future they long for.


present tense

I wish the title “Domestic Departures” has not been used before for an art show, because it so succinctly describes what I’m feeling about my work at the moment. I have title envy! Never mind.

Domestic Departures @ CSUF : OC Art Blog.

Jackie Bunge & Joanna Grasso presented Domestic Departures at the Cal State Fullerton Visual Arts Center. Participating artists: Candice Smith Corby, Amy Cutler, Kiki Smith, Rosenclaire, Ruby Osorio, Kara Walker, Christina Smith, Carrie Yury and special guest William Kentridge.

One needs to depart to arrive somewhere else, and the familiar needs to disappear. Boundaries are getting blurred, and I no longer know what it is I’m trying to say. Strangely, it doesn’t seem to matter.

Where once this inspired me…


Pretty protea

…I now seem to seek this.

Glorious green

Magnificent protea

Stem below the surface

My ‘eye’ is disintegrating.

It feels like a good thing.

For now, knitting holds me together, knotting a visible link to what-will-emerge.

Knitting histories…my domestic departure

Happy creating!